The Marias – Hamptons Lyrics

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Hamptons The Marias Lyrics

[Verse 1]
Weekend in the Hamptons
All the wives were dressed in white
Leaving without laughing
While I wait for your reply
But it’s never gonna come
I’m a little bit in love

[Verse 2]
Comes a time when silence
Melts away into the tides
Threw my phone in crisis
Wasn’t aiming for your eyes
Never gonna come?

I’m a little bit in love
I’m a little bit in love

[Verse 3]
I have one more question
Were you ever so sincere?
God, I learned my lesson
Falling for a man in tears
‘Cause he always keeps me up
And he always calls my bluff

I’m a little bit in love
I’m a little bit in love
Until then I leave you with

The Marías – Hamptons (Visualizer)

Hamptons Official Video

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