John Chamling Rai – Sadhana Lyrics

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John Chamling Rai - Sadhana Lyrics

Sadhana Lyrics by John Chamling Rai: John Chamling Rai, a talented singer and songwriter from Nepal, has released a new song titled “Sadhana” on YouTube. The track features a skilled lineup of musicians: Kiran Sitoula on drums, Mangesh Samal Magar on bass guitar, ShreeRam Bhandari on sarangi, Bikram Jung Karki on guitar, and Suman Bhattarai on keyboard.

Singer/SongwriterJohn Chamling Rai
Song Title“Sadhana”
DrummerKiran Sitoula
Bass GuitaristMangesh Samal Magar
SarangiShreeRam Bhandari
GuitaristBikram Jung Karki
KeyboardSuman Bhattarai
Song Info

John Chamling Rai Sadhana Lyrics

Sadhana John Chamling Rai Lyrics

तेतिकै छोड्न केशलाई
उडाउन देउ हावालाई
डुब्छु होला तिम्रो आखा मै
डुबी रहनेछ तेही मलाई

म, म माया मर्दिन
तिमीलाई छाडदिन
म माया मर्दिन

तिमी मन मा छौ मेरो
सम्झना हौ मेरो
कहिले बिर्सिन्न

छाया हउ कहिले नछुटिने
सपना हउ हर रात आउने
मन यो कहिले नमर्ने
तिमीलाई सम्झी तिमीलाई सम्झी

SADHANA ( साधना ) – John Chamling Rai

Sadhana Official Video

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